Why Crone Conversations?

Crone  /krōn/noun : a withered old woman.

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Crones get a bad rap.  What’s your first impression when you hear the word crone?  I’d guess the Merriam-Webster definition listed above is what most often comes to mind.

As my spirituality has broadened and deepened over the years, my definition of crone has changed as well.  Ten years ago I’d have felt insulted if someone called me “crone.”  Now I take it as a compliment. It helps that my life has improved fantastically over the past decade.  It’s been a painful, sometimes shattering process, but I’ve come to appreciate the grace, blessings, and wisdom I’ve gained.

As I look back over two divorces; financial hardship; physical illness; the loss of relationship with three grown children and a daughter-in-law; being shunned by people who’ve eaten at my table; struggling with mental health issues; being subjected to verbal abuse, emotional abuse, manipulation, incest, and rape, it’s obvious I’ve paid a very high price for the peace I now enjoy.  These days I am able to focus on what I’ve gained: a closer relationship with the Divine, insight, self-acceptance, and the opportunity to offer something to those who are feeling hurt, bewildered, or lost. Was it worth the cost? In a word, Yes.

I’ve not only survived a wide range of trauma and drama over the past 57 years, I have gone on to thrive.  Does that mean my life now is easy and perfect? Not at all. We don’t have to be perfect - or even experts - to offer something of value to the world.  It is my sincere wish to offer hope and validation to those who want it. This is a safe place for people to share, learn, and grow through self-reflection.

You matter.  Your feelings matter.  Your journey matters. The door is open.  Come on in.